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I call it the GREEN jewel!


FORDITE, commonly called "Detroit Agate" in today's stone cutting and jewelry world, originated in the Ford automobile factory in Detroit, Michigan. 


Authentic FORDITE is made of hundreds of layers of paint overspray, hardened enamel that accumulated on walls and metal racks of the auto factory paint booths. The colorful lacquers were used throughout the US and European auto industry in the 60s, 70s and 80s.


When the paint build up on the equipment became too cumbersome, it was chiseled away and sent to local landfills. Some auto workers salvaged chunks to carve or squirreled away pieces which ultimately found their way to today's stone cutters. New technology introduced in the late 80s ended the potential supply of FORDITE as we know it today. 


When cut and polished, FORDITE produces vibrant banding and psychedelic swirls found in contemporary studio art jewelry.




Noliware FORDITE & sterling silver pendants
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