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How it all began....


                        Talk about finding "the path less traveled" in mid-life.... 

                               St. Louis native Noel Leicht went from a suburban              

                               mom, housewife and freehand PR &  news writer  to an                                                independent artist living an urban life style at age 55.   


"With dramatic life changes swirling around me, I realized it was time to redirect my energy to knit my life back together.  As my job raising kids was finished, I had to discover where to find my creative passion.  


"Art and metal were hiding in my background since childhood.  It was a Saturday class in jewelry with Metalsmith Joe Muench at Craft Alliance, a community art and design center, that whetted my interest in metal and opened the door to creativity.  


After two and a half years of classes and working in the center's metal studio, I decided to endmy PR practice, find 'a place of my own' and give myself five years to see what happened.

"Becoming a 'maker' proved to satisfy my hands and my aesthetic soul.  Using an acetylene torch, hammers, saws, files, and an anvil, I found a way to use silver and gold to transform ideas, metaphors and stories  into pieces of wearable art.


"Many of my pieces tell a story with design, visual symbols and metaphors.    Working mainly on commission, I  turn clients' memories,  special events and passions into intriguing works of art.   In this new life, I am writing in metal!






To give life to your ideas,

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